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Elite CS-21S33
— ЭЛТ-телевизор с плоским экраном
— 21"
— 50 Гц
— мощность звука 6 Вт
— артикул 102828
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Counterstrike Global Offensive This Counterstrike Global Offensive gameplay is in 1080p. We play some more cs go 5v5 competitive this time on DE_Cache
CS GO Beginners tut
CS GO Crosshair and Grenades
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Counter Strike Global Offensive did turn out to be the grate game i envisioned it to become! From 10000-14000 views on the first episodes released over one year ago. Sure it was a long time before CS GO become really popular. But it sure as fuck is now 60000-100000+ views on most videos released last month. So i think i can say damn im good at predicting good games. Why are you still reading this? Maybe you want to know the end of the story? The end is that CS GO will go free to play within 6 months and in 12 months time it will be the number one Esport bigger then both LOL and Dota 2. ImAnderZEL is not responsible for any CS GO prediction which turns out to be wrong! Thanks for reading now go press that damn Like button!
Silver 1337 1v1 sk1LL m9
P.S. lol it's not me in the video haha stop explaining to me what "I" did wrong.
Today I played on a brand new account with no rank. It put me vs silvers. This was the outcome, mainly me just having fun and seeing if I could go positive knife only. I went positive.
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Copy this into console to get my crosshair:
cl_crosshair_drawoutline "1";cl_crosshaircolor_b "255";cl_crosshaircolor_g "0";cl_crosshaircolor_r "255";cl_crosshairgap "100000000";cl_crosshairsize "3";cl_crosshairthickness "1.65";cl_crosshairalpha "255"; cl_crosshairdot "1"; cl_crosshairstyle "5";cl_crosshaircolor "5"
Intro song:
Celldweller - The Best It's Gonna Get
Counterstrike Global Offensive This Counterstrike Global Offensive gameplay is in 1080p. We play some more cs go 5v5 competitive this time on CS_Milita I just want to not they never played the map befor so im obviously not better then global elite so no one thinks im a DB :P
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Counter Strike Global Offensive is no longer in beta you can buy it on steam. Counter Strike Global Offensive is in my opinion on a good way to becoming the next big thing like 1.6 was it just feel right.
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Grundig 47VLE9372 SL/BL/WL
Sony KDL-32EX650
LG M2780D
TCL L24E4233F

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