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Hanns.G HANNSz.lion
— ЖК-телевизор
— 9"
— 800x600
— мощность звука 4 Вт
— артикул 166952
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My wife's HANNS-G monitor was not functioning properly and would take several minutes to come on. This was caused by bad capacitors so I decided I would replace them. This project was a failure, but the information in it is good so I decided to post it anyway.
My second Hans Zimmer Mix, compiled on Audacity. I tried to fit in many of the requests and a few tracks had to be dropped such as Discombobulate from Sherlock Holmes, Rainman, Spirit and Backdraft. My favourite tracks start and end the mix, Watchful Guardian is what gave me the idea for mixing, it sends shivers down my spine 2mins 54secs in...and Time..well..simply awesome. All credit and original scores by Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt and Patrick Cassidy. Also uploaded to Mixcloud and you can find me on twitter @donohof for DL links/updates/ramblings :)


0:00:05 Watchful Guardian - The Dark Knight
0:04:54 Honor Him - Gladiator
0:06:03 Knight's March - King Arthur
0:07:55 Roll Tide/Eternal Father - Crimson Tide
0:13:38 Drink Up Me Hearties - Pirates Of The Caribbean
0:17:00 Barbarian Horde - Gladiator
0:19:29 Spectres In The Fog - The Last Samurai
0:23:23 Leave No Man Behind - Blackhawk Down
0:27:22 Chevaliers De Sangreal - The Da Vinci Code
0:31:04 Vide Cor Meum - Hannibal (Patrick Cassidy)
0:34:00 Main Theme - The Rock
0:39:54 Epilogue - Crysis 2
0:43:00 Ending Long Version - Modern Warfare 2
0:46:00 Hammerhead - Broken Arrow
0:47:47 Jade - The Rock
0:49:22 End Titles - Driving Miss Daisy
0:54:07 You'Re So Cool - True Romance
0:57:40 The Journey - Kapano Part 3 - Tears Of The Sun
1:02:02 This Land - The Lion King
1:04:51 The Jablonsky Variations On A Theme - Tears Of The Sun
1:08:16 Journey To The Line - The Thin Red Line
1:11:35 A Small Measure Of Peace - The Last Samurai
1:14:59 Injection - Mission Impossible 2
1:19:07 Now We Are Free - Gladiator
1:23:07 Time - Inception
These are e selection of songs from Hans Zimmer, i know that there are a lot other songs. But i can't include them al off course ;-)
Also thanks to Nick Glennie-Smith, Harry Gregson-Williams, Lorne Balfe, Geoff Zanelli, Blake Neely, James Newton Howard, Klaus Badelt and Lisa Gerrard
Track list:
Intro: Lone Harvest - Kevin MacLeod
1. 0:00:15 Hoist the Colours - Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End
2. 0:01:13 End Credits - Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides
3. 0:02:58 The Gladiator Who Defied an Emperor - Gladiator
4. 0:04:04 Green Smoke - The Rock
5. 0:05:12 I Must Go Away - The Last Samurai
6. 0:07:44 Fighting 17th - Backdraft
7. 0:11:43 King of Pride Rock - The Lion King
8. 0:16:28 The Kraken - Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Mans Chest
9. 0:22:53 Prophets Journey - Crysis 2
10. 0:24:59 Prologue - King Arthur
11. 0:29:28 Election By Adoration - Angels and Demons
12. 0:31:24 Kyrie For the Magdalene - The Da Vinci Code
13: 0:35:10 Mutiny - Crimson Tide
14: 0:43:46 Mine - Broken Arrow
15: 0:49:22 Main Title - Days of Thunder
16: 0:51:38 The Journey / Kopano III - Tears of the Sun
17. 0:58:49 Main Theme (Honor) - The Pacific
18. 1:01:16 Molossus - Batman Begins
19. 1:05:38 Like A Dog Chasing Cars - The Dark Knight
20. 1:09:53 Barbossa is Hungry - Pirates of the Caribbean the Curse of the Black Pearl
21. 1:13:54 Once Upon A Time in Africa - Madagascar 2: Escape From Africa
22. 1:17:30 Rango Suite - Rango
23. 1:23:22 Injection - Mission Impossible 2
24. 1:28:05 Opening Titles - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
25. 1:31:21 Leave No Man Behind - Black Hawk Down
26. 1:37:26 Hospital Chaos - Pearl Harbor
27. 1:42:18 Time - Inception
Chris Boden and Paul Kidwell autopsy a Hanns-G LCD Monitor and explore it's inner workings.
In this video series we will show you how to open and repair a HannsG HN199D 19" LCD monitor with power problems. If you have a monitor that will not power up, has a flashing power light and no display, takes a long time to show a picture or has a wavy picture then this should help you get it back up and running. The capacitor kit from the video is available here:
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