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Hitachi 24HXC05R
— ЖК-телевизор
— 24"
— 1366x768
— 720p HD
— 50 Гц
— мощность звука 5 Вт
— артикул 188764
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1474680 - This Hitachi 42 Inch TV with Smart apps boasts Full High Definition 1080p picture quality on a contemporary and sleek design. This TV offers you a range of fantastic online content to keep you and your family entertained. Enjoy even more of your favourite programmes with integrated Freeview HD, allowing you to view over 50 subscription free channels in stunning Full HD.
Top 5 Smart Apps include: BBC iPlayer, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr.
Diagnosis of this rubbish piece of crap Vestel 42 inch Full HD joke which pretends to be a Hitachi LCD TV. Intermittent audio from TV speakers (headphone audio OK.) Several bad caps and poor design on the audio amplifier board means leaky mute transistor leads to intermittent audio. Hack applied which eliminates the problem with the leaky transistor, and with no perceivable bad effects.
May also affect (apply to) most 17MB26-2 based sets and Hitachi L37V01E L37V01EA L37V01U L37VR1U L37V01UA L37VP01E L37VP01U L42VP01C L42VP01S L42VP01UA and sets using 18AMP06 (-4 variant but there's little difference between the models.)
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iXtreme with orig47 :

MODE-B : When your drive is in mode-b, when you press the eject button 2 or sometimes 3 times the tray should open.

NORMAL MODE: To return your drive back in to normal mode you are going to press the eject button and when the tray is fully open , you are going to press the eject button againg but before it fully closes you have to cut the power off of your connectivity kit when its half way open , then once the drive is off with the tray half way open you are going to turn the drive back on you should be able to close the tray with one push of the eject button.
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  • Дополнительный пульт ДУ Hitachi, подходящие универсальные пульты






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