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LG 47LA620V
— ЖК-телевизор
— 47"
— 1920x1080
— 1080p Full HD
— 200 Гц
— 3D
— мощность звука 20 Вт
— HDMI x3
— Ethernet
— Wi-Fi
— доступ в интернет (Smart TV)
— артикул 244196
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This particular model is the LG 42LA620V, It's a widescreen, 1080p Full HD, Cinema 3D, Smart LED TV, with Freeview HD and built in Wi-Fi.
A light review (not a technical review, just sharing something that I like, kk) of the LG 47" Class Cinema 3D 1080P LED TV with Smart TV. LG has a great 3D TV, and not only does the 1080P look terrific, but when I saw the 3D demo in the store, I thought those baseballs were going to hit me right in the face. But keep in mind this is more of a passive 3D and goes mostly for depth. To go with the TV, I also got an LG Bluetooth Sound Bar, but keep in mind how old this video is, and that the prices for the LED 3D Smart Televisions are way lower now, kk.
Hope you enjoy it, and I also hope you don't ask too many technical questions, because this is a real basic review of an item that I simply could not pass up, and I just wanted to share it with you. (LG 3D LED TV Model LM4700)
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LG 47LA620V 47-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Cinema 3D Smart LED TV with Freeview HD/Built-In Wi-Fi

Product Description :
*47" Full HD Smart LED with 3D and an 'A+' energy efficiency rating
*Smart TV with built-in WiFi - your gateway to a world of web-based apps, from catch-up TV services to social networks to streaming films on-demand
*CINEMA 3D TV is certified flicker-free and also provides brighter 3D images. It's easier on the eyes, delivering clear and crisp 3D that jumps out of the screen.
*Built-in Wi-Fi, a Dual Core Processor, 3 x HDMi and 3 x USB ports ensure easier and faster connectivity than ever before
*With Freeview HD, you can enjoy free high-definition programming with stunning picture quality boosted by LG's cutting-edge motion processing

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