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LG 50PN650T
— плазменная панель
— 50"
— 1920x1080
— 1080p Full HD
— мощность звука 20 Вт
— HDMI x2
— артикул 328492
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Start scene of Fast and Furious 6 to demonstrate how the TV handles fast moving scenes with panning.
This time I matched fps and picked a proper shutter speed to minimize flickering, there's still some artifact that I don't think I can avoid with my camera.
- A 'quick' review of my TV that we bought from Richer Sounds in Bath for ?550. Thanks for watching!
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LG 50PN650T 50-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Plasma TV with Freeview HD/600Hz (New for 2013)
Product Description:
Brining you breath-taking motion clarity with Full 1080 HD the LG 50PN650T 50" Plasma TV also brings the Razor Frame design to your home. LG's Triple XD Engine combined with the extremely impressive 600Hz Motion Rate means you can have near flicker free motion for fluid sport, fast gaming & incredibly dynamic action scenes with no image blur or ghosting. The integrated Freeview HD Tuner provides you with over 50 subscriptions free TV Channels including HD Channels.
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This video is rubbish:
This version is flicker-free :
LG 50PN650T 50-inch Widescreen 1080p Full HD Plasma TV with Freeview HD/600Hz
REVIEWS : This TV was bought to replace a 42in LG Plasma television.
So we pretty much knew what we were getting - same thing but larger screen and we were quite happy with the previous set.
Not only has the new one a sharper picture, the sound is better and as the frame is so thin, it only takes up a bit more room than the old one.
Mrs Farrant was worried that it would be too big but she has had to admit that it is some improvement!
As with all Plasma screens there is a slight problem in daylight with reflection from windows and other light sources but there are simple ways around this.
If you don't want 3D or a Smart TV (How do you use the computer at the same time as someone watching rugby or cricket anyway?) then go for this one - fantastic value!
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