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LG M2252T
— ЖК-телевизор
— 22"
— 1920x1080
— 1080p Full HD
— 50 Гц
— картинка в картинке
— мощность звука 10 Вт
— HDMI x2
— артикул 327344
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A maioria destes produtos s?o emprestados para eu gravar o v?deo.
? Especifica??es:

? EU N?O INDICO modelos de televis?es. Por favor, n?o me pe?a para comparar ou dizer qual ? melhor. Tire suas pr?prias conclus?es com o v?deo e com outros reviews da internet.
I Compared the new LG IPS236V with my old TN monitor.
(IPS panel became popular with iPhone and iPad)

IPS monitor is technically superior to typical TN monitors in wide viewing angle and color.
Especially vision is one of the biggest differences with TN monitor.
Compared the viewing angle from the side and top.
LG M2252 Monitor TV Walkthrough and Review
for more, check out my blog entry at
Video with Kodak PlaySport ZX5, Apple iPhone 4S with FilMiC Pro & Canon 650D/T4i
Audio with Zoom H1
Editing with Final Cut Pro X, Compressor & ScreenFlow
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Thanks for watching :)

Years ago we knew that the monitor is metaphorically - big screen with a single purpose, to show visually what is happening on your computer. Today, not much later, the monitor has a bunch of other applications. The machines are becoming increasingly thin, light and beautiful and doing more and more work. Such as being both TV and monitor. Today we see one of LG's latest proposals for this type of device. Dear viewers Digital.bg imagine you M2352D.
The design of the monitor is very effective. It consists in a glistening surface with designer lighting and proper form. However, even the stand is not so common for LG form. Overall M2352D looks more like a TV than a monitor. Its exact dimensions, including as already mentioned pedestal height is 544 mm, 406 mm in width and thickness equal to 183 mm.
The mere display is Wide IPS LED with a diagonal of 23 ". He is a Full HD resolution of 1920x1080 pixels. So when television service you can expect a lot from him. Our test showed that the release of the HD TV picture is crystal clear and vibrant. In that largely help the response time of 5 milliseconds and the dynamic contrast equal to 5000000:1. this is a standard static 1000:1 and another thing I missed mentioning is the brightness - and it is standard for this class monitors - 250cd / m2. LG M2352D, however, is outside the unwritten standard of 160/170 degrees horizontal and vertical vision. In his angle is increased significantly - up to 178 for both viewpoints., so you can watch a movie in 16:9 format, even if not You front the screen.
Early in the review mentioned that the LG M2352D can be used also as monitor and TV. That is a TV Tuner and VGA analogue DVB-T and DVB-C working format MPEG4. The digital connection is also available thanks to a total of two HDMI ports and a SCART. Another thing that is nice to note when choosing a monitor, TV's USB port. Often we are tempted by the lower price of certain known and unknown brands that in their description proudly write - USB support. But in reality most of them USB-it serves only for service work, viewing photos or listening to music. In M2352D however, it is full - that you can easily watch movies. Subtitle also be loaded without a problem. At present the Bulgarian language menu, tidy and easy to understand. Monitor with a price of less than 400 BGN boasts more highly integrated audio. It consists of two speakers with 5W power. The electricity consumption is about 33 W in active mode and 0.5W in standby.
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