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Panasonic TX-P50UT50
— плазменная панель
— 50"
— 1920x1080
— 1080p Full HD
— 3D
— мощность звука 20 Вт
— HDMI x2
— Ethernet
— доступ в интернет (Smart TV)
— артикул 438044
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Panasonic TX-P50UT50 Cash-strapped fans of Panasonic plasma TVs should probably sit down before we write our next words... All settled? OK. Then here we go: Today we are testing a 50in Panasonic plasma TV that can be yours for just ?750.
Panasonic Plasma TV youtube test
Recorded with Sony Xperia Go
Panasonic UT50 Review - Purchased 42" TV from Amazon Warehouse Deals. The UT50 is the entry level 2012 1080p 3D Panasonic Plasma. ST50, GT50, VT50 are the stepped up Panasonic Plasma models which offer more bells & whistles.
I give a brief video review of the tv and then show all the settings and then at the end show pictures of the tv during the day with the blinds open, blinds closed, and then at night.
- Cheap price for Full HD 1080p 3D Tv.
- Colors look very natural.
- Blacks are very deep and provide alot of contrast to the picture.
- Viewing off angle the picture doesn't wash out like you'll see in LCD's.
- No noticable input lag at all when gaming.
- Lacks the anti-glare filter found on the ST50, GT50, VT50, so the screen is very reflective during the day if you don't close your blinds.
- Sound quality isn't very good, especially in movies if your trying to hear people talk and they aren't speaking very loud. You'll want to get a sound bar or speaker system if you watch alot of movies.
- Only has 2 HDMI plugs. If you need more or don't want to switch constantly you'll need to either buy the ST50 which has 3 HDMI plugs or get the GT50/VT50 which has 4 HDMI plugs.
- Very Minor Con: When you turn on the screen it flashes the "SmartViera" logo for a split sec. I'm hoping in a future firmware Panasonic either disables this or provides an option that will allow users to turn it off if they don't want to see it.
CNET Panasonic UT50 Review:
AVS Forum Panasonic UT50 Discussion Thread:
so this is my new TV since I had the bad experience with my last TV (see Vizio Input Lag video on my channel)
this is the Panasonic P50UT50 Plasma TV, it is a 50" and works GREAT!!! i actually brought my Xbox up to Best Buy and they let me hook it up to TV's there until I found one with NO Input Lag.
I did ALOT of research before buying this TV and from what I found Panasonic Plasma TV's are the BEST for gaming, especially since their Plasma line has less than 17ms Input Lag!!!!
i highly recommend this TV. it was about $1000 and worth every penny. picture quality is outstanding and it is active 3D as well......
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