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Samsung LE-22C350
— ЖК-телевизор
— 22"
— 1366x768
— 720p HD
— картинка в картинке
— мощность звука 6 Вт
— артикул 601060
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How to Fix SAMSUNG TV CLICKING ON & OFF Service Guide
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Samsung HD TV settings for a decent picture. Not professional just what I use.
Please note these settings are for my Samsung LED TV. The values used may not translate 100% to your Samsung HD TV. Picture quality varies between year and model numbers. This should work as a good starting point however.
In addition to the picture settings in this video you may want to look at the "auto motion plus" settings. What this technology does it motion interpolation. It uses adjacent video frames to create a new frame and insert it between them. So in effect it is doubling the frame rate, which gives it a "soap opera" feel.
This video teach how to enable the volume in the monitor plugged by HDMI port using a 3,5" audio jack like imput
Questo video spiega come abilitare l'audio nel monitor mentre ? collegato alla porta HDMI utilizzando un jack 3,5" come audio in ingresso
These are settings to input into your TV if you lost your original service menu settings. I am not responsible if anything happens to your TV with inputting these certain settings. This is for anyone that has the same TV and same model that lost their settings or something was replace like the screen and you need the original settings from the manufacturer.
Getting into the service menu,
1. Turn TV off
2. Press mute and numbers 1-8-2 followed by the power button as fast as you can with the remote facing the tv.
3. follow my steps to repair the settings of your tv.
Please do not ask me how to , or to explain anything from the service menu. I just learned this recently and you can really mess up your $1,700 dollar TV.
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