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Samsung T27A950
— ЖК-телевизор
— 27"
— 1920x1080
— 1080p Full HD
— 100 Гц
— 3D
— картинка в картинке
— мощность звука 14 Вт
— HDMI x2
— Ethernet
— доступ в интернет (Smart TV)
— артикул 654852
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Samsung shows us its final "big holiday" release: the HDTV Monitor T27A950. Besides flaunting the highest picture quality of any Samsung television, it offers some incredible features that include wireless streaming via AllShare and ConnectShare, multitasking (TV, PC, or audio devices), and best of all, 2D to 3D conversion support. Yea, you won't find any other HDTV with such capability. But enough talk, check out our homie David Phelps show off the Samsung T27A950 in action

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-------Samsung S27A950D 27-Inch Class 3D LED Monitor has a built-in tv tuner and only 60hz refresh rates. The S models offer a true 120Hz refresh rate via dvi or display port and is designed as a computer monitor.

Samsung T27A950 27-Inch Class 3D LED HDTV Monitor
This monitor blew my mind away, right out of the box. It's just such a looker. I must say though, if you are looking for a 3D experience, look elsewhere. The 3D on this monitor is not that spectacular. On the other hand, if you are looking for a sexy showpiece that works very well as a 2D TV and monitor, look no further. This is the coolest addition to any dorm room (where I use mine).

A unique feature that I love about this monitor is that it has the ability to have different settings watching the source is an AV/TV vs. a PC source. The viewing requirements and settings of a TV monitor and a PC monitor is different. Thus, this feature allows this monitor to be truly hybrid.

I'm not a gaming or TV enthusiast, so screen quality doesn't bother me that much. However, if you looking for a true 120Hz PC monitor. You should be looking at the Samsung S27A950 instead. This model, the T27A950, only runs at 60Hz. Additionally, the resolution on this monitor is not as high as a 27inch monitor should be, which becomes apparent when reading text or small objects on the screen. I preferred size over pixel density because I primarily use it to game or watch movies with friends on my Mac, which this monitor is stellar at due to its hybrid nature.

Sound is not anything special but will be sufficient for the average user. Bassheads should connect their separate speakers though which I'm planning to do.

Verdict? Don't use 3D. Admire the design. Remember to adjust the settings for the TV mode and PC mode as ....................

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Видеообзор монитора-ТВ 9-й серии Samsung Syncmaster T27A950. Подробное описание, характеристики, цены, отзывы и обсуждение:
This is just a bad attempt to unbox the monitor i bought for my PC build,,, ENJOY
Firstly i forgot to mention in my previouse vlog video that all our house furniture got sold thats why this is filmed on the floor, sorry for that
The input i assumed was the power input due to my bad eyes was indeed the component adapter input, the DC input was on the far right you can see it next to the headphone jack just look more to the right!
Sorry for all these ERRORS its hard filming on the floor ill bring a random table next time i promise :)
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With unparalleled image quality, the Samsung T27A950 27" Class Widescreen 3D LED Backlit HDTV Monitor delivers full high definition 1080p with an astonishing Mega Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 5,000,000:1. It's clear from the start that this is not your typical LED panel monitor. With built-in speakers and DTV tuner the, the Samsung T27A950 27" Class Widescreen 3D LED Backlit HDTV Monitor is a full HDTV as well as a computer monitor. If you like apps and streaming media, the Samsung T27A950 27" Class Widescreen 3D LED Backlit HDTV Monitor can download and run 100+ apps in every category, without a computer, as well as stream content from Pandora, YouTube, and Hulu. The possibilities are endless.
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