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Samsung UE85S9000
— ЖК-телевизор
— 85"
— 3840x2160
— 4K UHD
— 1000 Гц
— 3D
— картинка в картинке
— 3 TV-тюнера
— мощность звука 120 Вт
— HDMI x4
— Ethernet
— Wi-Fi
— доступ в интернет (Smart TV)
— артикул 626152
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Samsung Smart TV now lets you view and interact with your favourite content exactly when you want from the comfort of your living room.
Whether it's getting family or friends together to watch a great movie or TV programme, or video calling* relatives on the other side of the world, all of this and a whole lot more is now available at the touch of a button, direct from your Samsung Smart TV.
More than 120,000 movies and TV shows... is Amazon's Instant Video better than Netflix on the PS3? Is Sharp going Retina with IGZO LCDs that use Ultraviolet Vertical Alignment Technology? Samsung OLED is coming.
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*How to Find Product Keys
*Easy Fix to Stuttering Video
*Speed Up Your Computer for Free
*Multiple Live TV Channels from One PC
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A vid of some of the crazy televisions that I saw on the show floor of CES 2012. The first one was Samsung's Super OLED TV, this thing was so thin that you could probably use 3M tape to tape it to your wall instead of using a wall mount. Next up was the Sharp's ICC-4K televisions that did not require a 4K signal, it actually upscaled 1080p signal feed to 4K. The difference was still really obvious especially in skin color and environment detail. Why stop at 4K right? Sharp also unveiled the world's first 8K LCD, this thing was big and beautiful as it was essentially staring at a window or staring at a person right in front of you. Realism detail taken to the extreme, it was almost too many pixels to take in ha! Lastly is why stop at 70" when you can go to 80" now for consumers. I would love to see that 80" TV in my living room someday!

Make sure to like & favorite the vid as I got plenty more CES 2012 vids to come! Stay tuned and get psyched!

Super OLED, ICC 4K, World's First 8K, and 80" TV's at CES 2012 - RIDICULOUS!
Super OLED, ICC 4K, World's First 8K, and 80" TV's at CES 2012 - RIDICULOUS!
Super OLED, ICC 4K, World's First 8K, and 80" TV's at CES 2012 - RIDICULOUS!
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