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Saturn LED 19A NEW
— ЖК-телевизор
— 19"
— 1366x768
— 720p HD
— 50 Гц
— мощность звука 6 Вт
— артикул 682732
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Destiny Gameplay Walkthrough Part 19 - A Rising Tide - Mission 19 (PS4). Like and Comment. Thanks for watching.
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Destiny is an action role-playing first-person shooter video game in a mythic science fiction open world setting. It is developed by Bungie and published by Activision. The game will be released on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One video game consoles.
Destiny is set in the 28th century in a post-apocalyptic setting. Humans had spread and colonized the Solar System with the help of a spherical entity known simply as "the Traveler" who reshaped planets and moons, and taught humanity new technologies and mystical powers that led to a time later called the Golden Age. An event known as "The Collapse", an attack from the Darkness, an unknown faction or entity, saw the dissolution of these colonies and left mankind on the brink of extinction. The only known survivors of the Collapse are those living on Earth, who were saved by the Traveler. The Traveler hovers above the last remaining human city as a large spherical body, and its presence gives the Guardians of the City—the last defenders of the human race—the ability to wield an unknown power. Upon mankind's first attempt to repopulate and reconstruct after the Collapse, it was discovered that hostile alien races have occupied mankind's former colonies and civilizations. The player takes on the role of a Guardian of the City, and is tasked with investigating and destroying these threats before the remnants of humanity are completely wiped out.
People include: Human, Awoken, Exo, Notable Personalities and Vendors. Classes include: Hunter, Bladedancer, Gunslinger, Titan, Striker, Warlock, Sunsinger, Voidwalker and Subclass Items. Vehicles and Items include: Ships, Vehicles, Armory, Consumables, Emblems, Ghost, Materials, Mission and Shaders. Weapons include: Primary Weapons, Heavy Weapons and Special Weapons. Armors include: Helmet, Chest Armor, Gauntlets, Leg Armor and Class Armor. Enemies include: Fallen, Cabal, Vex and Hive. The Solar System includes: Earth, The Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter and Europa.
Destiny includes the following game modes: Story Mission: 1-3 player activities, tie in with the main arc of the campaign. Strike: 3 player activities based on gathering loot. Explore: General team-based exploration based on gathering of resources. Raid: 6 player missions of high challenge. Crucible: Player vs. player gameplay. Public Event: Optional cooperative multiplayer events that are dynamically generated in the game world. Can be found in certain areas in Story Missions, Strikes, and Explore.
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  • Хочу подключить телевизор через hdmi к компьютеру, но между ними около 12 м. Могу ли я использовать кабель такой длинны? Будут ли какие-то помехи?
  • В описании написано разрешение экрана 1366 на 768 пикселей, достаточно ли для 19"?
  • Как и чем прошить ЖК-телевизор Сатурн? Где скачать последнюю актуальную прошивку?
  • Хочу купить настенный кронштейн. Какой стандартный размер VESA для 19" Saturn LED 19A NEW?
  • Как подключить Microsoft Xbox 360 к телевизору Saturn LED 19A NEW? Нужен ли какой-то адаптер или переходник?
  • Дополнительный пульт ДУ Saturn, подходящие универсальные пульты

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  • saturn tv led 19a инструкция скачать
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