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Saturn LED 40PF New
— ЖК-телевизор
— 40"
— 1920x1080
— 1080p Full HD
— 50 Гц
— мощность звука 16 Вт
— HDMI x3
— артикул 684208
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In this video I'll be doing an in depth review of the Phillips 40PFL4707 40 inch 1080p LED TV. The TV itself looks great, and it should considering it's LED but has some flaws.
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A lyrical music video of the first track from Forrest's upcoming concept album, "Highway of the Lost and Found".
Shout out to Scurvy D of 40PF for joining me on the monologue!
Beat and lyrics created by Forrest Jameson.
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(Scurvy D & Forrest):
Feet hit the pavement, step by step
Back facing home...eyes search the horizon
The soles of shoes summon dust...memories...dreams
And give them Flight
Telepathic travelers manifest like phantoms
Together, they congregate in psionic pilgrimage
From the beginning of the journey, brazen...headstrong
To the bitter end, a destination shrouded in shadows
Welcome...to the Highway of the Lost and Found
One...soul hits the road, pick up and keep
Go into the section of my mind
Been locked up the whole time
In vault, bereft of crime annulled
Criminally inclined
I hear the chime, soundin in the pitch of "I"
Deliberate, shake, quakes opening the gate
Shrill voices of fate, Apostates emancipate me
And I begin to see the journey
Set out before me
Eye through the lock with the key
You should know me
Jameson. For rest, I like to chill with the best
This mission is a quest
For stress and no less
Confessional mess of rhyme
Put it to the test
I'm blessed with the curse to digress
An Illness of ill, festerin
Best in the west
Or easternly, I see the street laid out before me
Heedlessly I leave, not knowing where it'll lead
With no pit stops, no time to take a seat
Only companion for your feet is the lonely concrete
Whatcha gonna do, only company's you
And your mind is spittin heat
Heart bleeding to the beat
So, just let it go with a devilish flow
And if you wanna stick with me, pack it up, let's roll
You never know what you'll find when you stray
Peer into the fray, welcome to another day
On an odyssey, a emcee, a mystery
A distant entity to intangible to even see
Me in the cut, too precise to fuck up
Word waterfalls fillin up cups
for the chumps who be makin the listener die of thirst
from the lack of value in each in every one of their verses
You never know what you'll find when you stray
Revelations will always amaze when you TrailBlaze
One...goal in my chest
Make my worst the best
To walk the path of realization, document and address
with the rhetoric I flip and then I kick from my mouth
Dont know what im talkin bout?
Here you go, check it out
Rap assassination through the method of eradication
Process of elimination powered by
Imaginational postulation, submission of competition
Make em give up all hope when I pop my exposition
That I use as ammunition on the battlefield of rhyme
I dedicate to fight until the final bell chime
And I keep knockin out verses time after time
With the kinda pinache that's oh so sublimely
fine(ally) on way way to where the atmosphere
is filled with gray, but not for me it's blue skies today
And I'mma keep rolling on narrating thru song
Blazing through the hardships setting right the wrongs
One denomination dominating reputation
I'm a ticking bomb blowing up conventional equations
of the radio masses, spittin like molasses
They're saying nothin while they're lookin like asses
Cynical, but I'll break it down for you now
Retribution is dealt without an ounce of guilt felt
And I'mma drawl on till the word's spelt
Simultaneously blast til the speakers all melt
I'm past the light barrier like sci-fi when I rhyme
Switching up my flow a million times
High five when I stride by, 40 Frames till I die
Sick like dyin guy sippin on cyanide
I hope your braced cause here comes a taste
I'll face the Wastelands and I'll proceed with haste
Through this impulsive spree, like a tweet, you'll follow me
No sign of fortune tellers telling what you're gonna see
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Review do novo televisor da Philips s?rie 4000 modelo 40PFG4109/78. Espero que gostem =)
8ms Response rate I think (not specified by Samsung), 21 lbs without stand not 25, which is with stand. As of May 2012 I've added a VESA wall mount stand and it cleans up the look. Got this at monoprice.com 200mm x 200mm for $15. Also, this is a great monitor for playing music via itunes or other player as you can sit back with a wireless mouse and still see the playlist. Mind you it helps if you have a Xonar STX sound card :).
Update: I have set the back light down to 7 and I think this is even better for text and reading and probably gaming for darker environments
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