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Sharp LC-46LE540
— ЖК-телевизор
— 46"
— 1920x1080
— 1080p Full HD
— 100 Гц
— мощность звука 20 Вт
— HDMI x4
— Ethernet
— доступ в интернет (Smart TV)
— артикул 720124
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Sharp OEM Original Part: 9JY600153E00579 TV Remote Control

Product Details

Brand: Sharp
Model: 600153E00-579-G
NEW Sharp LED TV Remote Control 9JY600153E00579G (part number 600153E00-579-G)
Originally supplied with models: LC-42LE540 LC-42LE540U LC-46LE540 LC-46LE540U
Also compatible with almost all Sharp AQUOS LED/LCD TV's

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It was long overdue, but firmware to help the SHARP Aquos televisions get better reception, has arrived. Not sure when, but tried today (8/18/10), and an update was available.
What they FAIL MISERABLY TO TELL YOU, is you have to UNZIP the .ZIP file. I tried several times to update, with no luck. Unzip the file, all went well. Sounds dumb? I have many apps on my PC that does NOT require unzipping updates, or attachments, to work. Apperently, this TV was not one of those things.
So, after updating the firmware, there is a noticable improvement on weak signal reception. This TV would start pixelating at 36% strength, sometimes at 37%, but now, hold at a full 35%. If it's slightly below, or 34, 33% threshhold, it'll pixelate.
This does not sound like much, but for several fringe area stations, this makes a BIG DIFFERENCE in how well the TV works! It's 2% I could've used MANY TIMES watching some stations. The 2% that's the difference between entertainment, and cussing at the TV.
Now to make it work at 1% strength, so I can pick up NYC stations. :D
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Product description
Model: 600153E00579G
Part Number: 9JY600153E00579
UPC: 30237876
Associated Number: 600153E00-579-G
Catalogue No.: 77965
Battery Required: 2 AAA
Originally supplied with models: LC42LE540U, LC46LE540U, LC-42LE540, LC-42LE540U, LC-46LE540, LC-46LE540U
Compatible with models: LC-52C6400, LC52C6400U, LC-52C6400U, LC52LE640, LC-52LE640, LC52LE640U, LC-52LE640U, LC-60C6400, LC60C6400U, LC-60C6400U, LC60C6400UA, LC-60C6500, LC60C6500U, LC-60C6500U, LC60C7450U, LC-60C7500, LC-60C7500U, LC60C8470U, LC-60LE550, LC-60LE550U, LC60LE640, LC-60LE640, LC60LE640U, LC-60LE640U, LC60LE640UA, LC-60LE640UA, LC-60LE640UB, LC-60LE640UC, LC-60LE640UD, LC-60LE650, LC60LE650U, LC-60LE650U, LC60LE657U, LC60LE745, LC60LE745U, LC-60LE750U, LC60LE755U, LC60LE845, LC60LE845U, LC60LE847U, LC-70C6400, LC70C6400U, LC-70C6400U, LC-70C6500, LC70C6500U, LC-70C6500U, LC70C7450U, LC-70C7500, LC-70C7500U, LC70C8470U, LC70LE640, LC-70LE640, LC70LE640U, LC-70LE640U, LC-70LE650, LC70LE650U, LC-70LE650U, LC70LE657U, LC70LE745U, LC-70LE750, LC-70LE750U, LC70LE845U, LC70LE8470U, LC70LE847U, LC-80C6500, LC-80C6500U, LC80LE632U, LC-80LE632U, LC-80LE633, LC80LE633U, LC-80LE633U, LC80LE633UB, LC-80LE642, LC-80LE642U, LC-80LE650, LC-80LE650U, LC80LE657U, LC80LE844U, LC80LE844UB, LC90LE745U
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