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Sharp LC-50LE751
— ЖК-телевизор
— 50"
— 1920x1080
— 1080p Full HD
— 200 Гц
— 3D
— мощность звука 30 Вт
— HDMI x4
— Ethernet
— Wi-Fi
— доступ в интернет (Smart TV)
— артикул 719960
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Купил, телек почти за тысячу Евро, это просто пипец. Такое говно. Внешний ВАЙй- ФАй в комплекте не ловит с 10 метров.Телек Вырубается когда хочет, сам себе на уме.Каналы цифровые переключает на простые по минуте. А самое главное что не сохраняет каналы находящиеся на разных диапазонах. Смарт ТВ это вообще полный копец тормоз полнейший, подключил внешнюю мышку и клаву мышка как под нароктой ездит когда хочет, Вообщем телек совсем никуда. Возможно только мне такой достался, но это врядли. Вообщем смотрите видео и Покупайте это чудо.
3D телевизор Sharp LC-60LE751E LED TV.
Sharp LC-60LE751E оснащен высококлассным FullHD-дисплеем с диагональю 60 дюймов, 2.0-канальной акустической системой мощностью 30 Вт, расширенным набором коммуникаций, включая USB-модем WLAN, и технологиями 3D и Smart TV. Последние предполагают возможность воспроизведения объемного стереоскопического изображения в формате Full HD 1080p и неограниченный доступ к разнообразному онлайн-контенту. Очки для просмотра 3D (затворные) приобретаются отдельно.
Video uploaded from my mobile phone.
Hi all! My wife and I purchased this from RC Willey in Utah in April 2012. The average price for this unit is right at $1500.00. We were in for a 32" or smaller (nothing special) to replace a TV that we lost in a flood last year. Well, after we saw this baby in a wall unit at RC Willey, we could not pass it up. We also purchased an oak console with four doors on the front and opaque glass to hide all of today's electronics (Xbox, PS3, Hybrid Digital Radio Receiver, Stereo Receiver, etc). Sorry, I digress. This television is IN YOUR FACE 3D quality, even though it is an LED 1080p, with a 120Hz refresh rate. (With today's fast special effects such as transformers, we wanted something a little faster than 60Hz so we could actually "see" the fast motion and not notice it as a blur. This is the ticket! You don't need 240Hz unless you got your eyes calibrated at the last robocon convention in Vegas). In addition, we do not have to stream videos from Amazon Instant Video though my Blu-Ray player as the internet is incorporated into the television. Quite incredible. We watch a lot of streaming movies from Amazon and Vudu at around 7Mbps @ HD and HDX. However, I must warn you...you will be turning your head from side to side with the fast action, even at a 10-foot distance from TV to sofa, as the screen is incredible large and crystal clear. I cannot wait until the 2012-2013 NFL season starts. One more thing...For all you NASCAR fans, the cars feel like they are going to come out of the screen. When you get the "dashboard" view from the HD internal cameras, you will feel as though you are driving the car yourself (well, at least riding in it, anyway). In summary, you will be very happy with this model. We almost purchased another Sony Bravia or Samsung but the price, clarity, energy efficiency, inputs (that are endless), and overall product is nothing less than exceptional. Oh yes...for those of you who hate the shiny screen (similar to the PCs today and the shiny border, that catches every reflection when you move on the sofa), forget it; this TV has neither. ENJOY!

I was in the market for a 60 inch tv with picture quality being the most improtant factor. Smart tv apps would be a bonus but I was looking a tv not a computer. This tv fit the bill in every way and went above my hopes. There were tons of adjustments to make on the tv picture so for anyone saying the picture isnt good obviously didnt take the time to research and adjust the settings. My picture quality is amazing good and I would put it up against anything sony or sammy has to offer. TV had plenty of inputs for all of my equipment and works great. Sound isnt to great but thats to be expected onany slim tv. My home sound system took care of this issue. Not really messed with the apps because I have a computer and xbox 360 for that. I would recommend this tv to anyone looking for a great picture at a great price.
Представление ЖК телевизоров серии LE651RU
Телевизор Sharp LC-60LE635 задняя светодиодная подсветка, для комфортного просмотра в темное время суток.
Стоимость: алюм.уголок 3м - 20 грн., БП - 120 грн., кабель питания с вилкой - 20 грн., лента светодиодная в силиконе 5м - 240 грн (48 грн./м, использовал 3 м). Итого: 400 грн.=50$.
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