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Sony KDL-32R421A
— ЖК-телевизор
— 32"
— 1366x768
— 720p HD
— 100 Гц
— мощность звука 16 Вт
— HDMI x2
— артикул 745052
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En este video hago el review del SONY BRAVIA de 32''.
Modelo: KDL-32EX525
Origen: Argentina
Unboxing SONY BRAVIA 32'' LED:
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This Sony Bravia let me down one final time!
Click on the link above to see what I did to it!
Well it's way past October, and into 2011. And I still have to power the tv off, give it a minute, turn it back on, and then most of the time the sound comes back for a while. Support asked me what my software number was (shorty after I recorded and edited this video), and told me there was nothing newer than what I had, and there was nothing they could do. That was within the 1 year warranty! So Black Friday is approaching, and I will be replacing this tv! I will be choosing a manufacturer OTHER THAN SONY!! Someone who will stand behind their product and cares about their customers! Any suggestions? If so, please leave a comment!
OH! And this description would be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT if Sony had stood behind their product, and actually assisted me with this! I would actually be supporting them, and speaking highly of them. I will not be purchasing another Sony product after this experience with them and their customer support!
I was having FREQUENT HDMI problems! I mean, while playing a game, the sound would go in and out non stop! Sometimes, it would just go out period and you would have no sound! I was about to see if I could get my tv exchanged but I threw away the HUGE box because it took a lot of space. So I was about to call Sony but I remembered seeing USB port that said service, and I wondered if I could do it on my own. So I went to sony.com and searched for my tv and read the big bold letters, "IMPORTANT - A software update is available for your tv. And my TV was bought in Feb 2010 (and it was on clearance for 799 dollars compared to 1,399!
Click this link IF YOU HAVE THE KDL-46S5100 MODEL! Otherwise, click the link below and CHOOSE YOUR MODEL! I am not responsible if you don't listen to what I just said and install MY MODEL'S update on your tv.
That link takes you to the web page for the tv. From there you have to navigate to the software page, or click this link,
You have to enter in your serial number found on the back of the tv (right next to the model number)
My Serial Number is: 8166354 (Click on the video in the description!)
I'm telling you that since I don't have the TV anymore, & had fun destroying it!
There was a time Sony's support side was down (go Figure!), so you couldn't
download the zip, to update your tv! So I have downloaded and mirrored it!
- KDL-46S5100(301)_ER412_E229.zip
MD5: 042c48473654ed69a1e0a161a47b50cd
This link MAY work for you, I don't know!

"How To" Guide:
Supported Thumb Drives:

YOU HAVE TO PUT IN YOUR SERIAL NUMBER, on the Sony site to get the
correct firmware! I am NOT responsible if my mirror breaks your TV!
You're doing so at your own risk! My Model was the one in the title,
and I shared my Serial Number with you. Boycott Sony!!!
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Rest in pieces Sony Bravia! NEW VIDEO!
You can rename inputs on a sony bravia and skip inputs you don't use
Comments require approval. Only some people don't need approval. If your comment is appropriate, It will be approved once I get the chance (ASAP or in the morning). I do have a life outside YouTube and a three year old to chase after. So please don't comment again and again again thinking that will help. If your comment is harsh or negative, your comment will NOT be approved and you might be blocked to prevent further commenting. Thank you!
Tivi LED Sony BRAVIA KDL-32EX420 ,KDL-42EX420 , Chi Ti?t s?n ph?m : v? . Th? Gi?i LED Ch?nh h?ng :
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