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Sony KDL-42W808A
— ЖК-телевизор
— 42"
— 1920x1080
— 1080p Full HD
— 400 Гц
— 3D
— мощность звука 20 Вт
— HDMI x4
— Ethernet
— Wi-Fi
— доступ в интернет (Smart TV)
— артикул 745216
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Интернет-магазин "Тритон-онлайн" т.098 17 54 555 т.093 33 51 000
Sony KDL42W808A Televisor LCD Negro
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Sony KDL42W808A Televisor LCD Negro
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* 42 BRAVIA W8 Series 3D TV LED - 1080p (FullHD) - Dynamic Edge LED Backlight, potenci?metro de marco
Descripci?n del Producto
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3D world created by Sony Bravia
So, what are the technologies that make Sony 3D great?
Well, first of all it's in full high def, everything you get in high def now, now in
stereo with one image for each eye full 3D experience.
We do this by taking that projector method where we have two projector pictures, one
for each eye and then shifting the frames so each sixteenth of a second image goes to
a single eye - left and right, alternating like this. That's the core of how we create 3D.
Enjoy 3D in full HD - Bravia.
High Speed precision delivers clear 3D video.
One of the things that can happen when you implement this technology is that you can
get something called crosstalk. This is when you see a little of the left image in
the right eye or the right image in the left eye so you get a little "ghost" or edge
on the object. So what we with our 240 Hz panel is make sure you see just the left eye,
black, just the right eye, completely isolating the left image from the right image.
This gives you a crisp, sharp image.
Another issue in designing the system is - how comfortable are the glasses? What you
can do is completely block all of light going into the eyes and you can see this, particularly on 50Hz lighting in Europe, the actual room flickers because it is blocking out the whole eye.
Sony's system is flicker free. We do this by designing a system that blocks only the screen image not all the light in the room. It's really quite interesting how it works. So, when the glasses are off this is how the room looks, you can see everything, you can see both images on the screen. When the system engages, if you could slow down time fast enought,you'd see that just the Tv screen image is blocked in the right eye. All the room lighting can still get in, all the image can get to the left eye, then we move to the next fraction of time and both the eyes cannot see the screen. This helps us get that crisp separation of left and right eye by improving the timing. Then you see the image in the right eye, again, just on the screen then just the screen that's blocked. On the system I was describing before, what you see is the entire eye as blocked so that you're getting light in from one eye and completely nothing from the room around you on the other. Then we you see the other eye it is completely blocked as well.
You can tell which kind of system is in place simply by looking at the glasses...you can tell the difference when the glasses or on or off. ither they get darker or you can see them shimmer or flutter, any of those kinds of things. If you can tell the glasses are on or
off they are blocking all the light, and it's doing it off and on so you do see some light
so you can naturally tell the difference between the glasses on and off.
So, blocking just the image makes for a much more comfortable experience. As well, the physical design of the glasses have a big impact on how much you enjoy 3D.
Most people are going to set up their 3D sets in a regular room with lots of different
light sources and the design keesp those other light sources from impacting the viewing
experience by reflecting off the back of the lenses and causes diffences because of the
light in the room.
As well, you want to adjust it to fit any member of the family. You can physically bring the arms in as well as the nopse piece being fully adjustable so that you can set it to fit each individual viewer. Finally the earpieces are also flexible so you can bend them to provide that custom fit and most importantly for people who already wear glasses, the glasses are big enough to fit over even the most stylish glasses.
How do you maintain image quality in a bright room when you're essentially wearing sunglasses to watch TV?
With Sony, we use a technology called LED boost to give the b rightest picture on the
market for watching 3D. It's very simple, when those 3D frames are on, we boost the
output of the LEDs to make the image brighter just when that frame is available to your
left eye or right eye. This gives you a beautiful bright picture no matter which room
you set it up in so you don't necessarily have to make your room into a cave, you can
still have a bright beautiful picture with Sony's LED boost.
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