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Sony KDL-60R550A
— ЖК-телевизор
— 60"
— 1920x1080
— 1080p Full HD
— 200 Гц
— 3D
— картинка в картинке
— мощность звука 20 Вт
— HDMI x4
— Ethernet
— Wi-Fi
— доступ в интернет (Smart TV)
— артикул 738328
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sony kdl-60r550a calibration
sony kdl-60r550a 60-inch
sony kdl-60r550a
sony kdl-60r520a
sony kdl-60r550a manual
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Full HD 1080p
Edge LED backlight
Motionflow™ XR 240
Receiver-less TV for DirecTV customers RVU
Built-in Wi-Fi
Wireless mirroring
Clear Resolution Enhancer
Smartphone ready
Smart TV SmarTV
Watch 3D with 4 pairs of passive glasses
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Sony KDL Smart Big screen TV arrival in Cambodia. This 60 Inch LED TV is a full HD with 1080p.
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Sony Bravia R550A 3d wifi smart 1080p 120Hz television
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Go beyond simply watching movies and immerse yourself in the experience with the Sony KDL-70R550A 70 3D LED HDTV. Although only 2 ? inches deep its massive screen and brilliant picture quality will engulf you in a view so realistic youll forget youre just watching TV.
Dazzling Display with Full HD 1080p and 3D
Sony employs an array of video enhancing technologies to get the absolute best picture possible out of the Full HD 1080p LED TV screen. A dynamic contrast ratio of over 1 Million helps achieve a picture with stunning brights and deep true blacks. Sonys Motionflow XR 240 technology reduces motion blur keeping fast action looking sharp. The Sony KDL-70R550As passive 3D technology (the same used in movie theaters) creates immersive lifelike 3D images using lightweight battery-free glasses. And gamers will love Sony Simulview which uses the Sony 3D technology to simultaneously display a different image to each of a pair of players wearing the 3D glasses. So instead of a split-screen view each gamer sees a full 70 inches of screen with only their half of the game.
Internet TV Your Favorite Apps and DirecTV Genie Compatibility
The way we receive multimedia content is always changing and the Sony KDL-70R550A offers multiple options. Youll find all of the typical inputs for connecting video games or a blu-ray player including a component input two USB ports and four HDMI connections. But because the R550A series are smart TVs you'll also have the power of the internet available through your remote.

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