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Toshiba 19EL833
— ЖК-телевизор
— 19"
— 1366x768
— 720p HD
— мощность звука 5 Вт
— HDMI x2
— артикул 840172
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Was brought a Flat Screen TV that had no image and a flashing red power light. I checked to see if there were any trouble codes given by the number of flashes (by checking online forums, etc) and couldnt find any. Opened it up to check further and had signs of blown capacitors. They were replaced which fixed that problem - but unfortunately it had been dropped while being brought to be so the screen itself was toast.
This is an older model, they tend to be easier to open and access than newer ones.
1 - Remove AC Power
2 - Let it sit for a WHILE and/or short the Capacitors, Capacitors store energy and wont discharge for a while after AC power has been removed.
3 - Un screw all screws on the back marked with an arrow, then try and carefully lift the back off and determine where its still binding, you might have to undo more screws that arent marked with an arrow like I did.
4 - Locate the circuit board that has the AC adapter socket, this is likely where you will find the problem.
5 - Find all the capacitors on the board and check them for signs of failure. Capacitors are little cylinders with a flat top with an X. If they have failed the X will be bulging out and you might see some leakage of the dialectic that's inside.
6 - Remove circuit, replace damaged capacitors with new ones. The failed capacitors in this TV were 220?F and 25VDC. Get the same ?F rating, but going to a higher voltage is fine, I used 220?F and 35VDC.
7 - Replace in reverse order.
8 - DO NOT test until the back is on the TV, there is a severe shock hazard otherwise.
9 - Curse when you find your repair worked, but the TV screen is damaged....
Here are some links with information on Capacitors

The soldering Iron I use is the Circuit Specialists CSI-Station1A -
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